Yukon Wicked Aim Clamp

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This clamp item provides a stable shooting perch in almost any situation. Made from a proprietary blend of glass filled nylon, this shooting and aiming tool will not scratch the finish of your rifle no matter the level of abuse that you may introduce it to. The unique design of the Wicked Aim is suitable for your hunting blind, fence post, tree branch or even the automobile window. Simply engage the clamp and release it on any object and you will have a stable shooting position to rest your rifle barrel on. At the end of each 'bite point' rests a rubber cover that protects against posts made of wood, glass or polished metal. This item creates multiple shooting positions using the swivel V od horizontal bar platforms. 

*  EDC compatible at only 11oz

*  Industrial grade spring

*  Patented glass filled nylon construction and design 

*  Olive Drab color

*  Perfect for the blind, truck or range bag

*  Law enforcement and first responder applications 


Style: WA100DG.